Make A Contribution

JIC believe in all Together We Can do and hence we expect support and contribution from every lover of this school in form of monetary contribution, classroom materials, furniture, computers, Books and any other related material to help students getting first-rate public education. Please contact school at or contact at 7983179075 to Mr. Vinod Kumar Ji (Principal, JIC) for your support and contributions. If you are an Ex-Student of JIC, please register today in our Alumni list and join Alumni Team to support in various activities of improvements.  

Our Recent Developments

  • Development of the two new offices near the north-east area of the main gate of the school.
  • Development of new main gate on Daha-Barnava Road.
  • Development of new Chemistry Lab.
  • Development of the remaining window and gate of the main Auditorium / Hall.
  • Development of the corridor in front of the Auditorium.
  • Formation of committee (apart from the management committee) which will help and support in various activities and task for the betterment of the school.
  • Improved and renovated washrooms with all modern facilities.
  • Installations of CCTV's for better security.

JIC's Future Plans for next 5 Years

  1. Development of the biology and computer labs in the school & to get the approval of the biology and home science subjects.
  2. Build a second storey of our Auditorium for students to use as study-rooms even after school hours.
  3. Arrangement of the coaching center and summer-activities camp in the summer vacation so students can utilize the holidays properly.
  4. Arrangement of the sports field for the school with the much appreciated help and support of every well wisher of the School.
  5. Arrangement of the additional generator (DG Set) and 2nd submersible in the school.
  6. Strengthening the Library to provide academic books to students and also a Second Library for the Out of Academic (G.K, Current Affairs, Competition exam etc) books.
  7. Celebrations of Annual Day / Sports Day and encourage students to participate in various extra-curricular activities to enhance their inter-personal and communication skills.