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June 27th, 2022 January 26th, 2018

55th Foundation Day, Annual Day & Republic Day Celebrations

Janta Inter College, Palri is feeling extreme pride while it has entered into 55th year since its foundation. School Management consenting with all respected residents of Palri and nearby villages have decided to celebrate its 55th Foundation Day, School Annual Day and also India’s 69th Republic day as a 3 day long Grand Event. Respected Swami ji Sh. Aacharya Dev Vrat Saraswati who is chief of Arya Veer Dal was invited as The chief and The Mentor. Thankfully, he gave us his 3 full days and preached various lessons of improving our lifestyle, gave Yoga sessions to students and all other attendees.

The Event witnessed various esteemed dignitaries and guests who have come and presented their views to the audience, students and faculty for the betterment in education system and improvements in our school. Everyone praised the rapid visible changes and growth of the school which is a result of the hard work of...Read more

August 1st, 2017

विदाई समारोह

जनता इंटर कालिज, पलडी के प्रधानाचार्य एवं प्रवक्ता श्री हरबीर सिंह पंवार एवं अध्यापक श्री कृषण पल शर्मा जी को पूरे विद्यालय परिवार और समस्त ग्राम वासियों ने दी “भावनात्मक” विदाई, मनाया “प्रशन्नता” भरा समारोह :


२३ साल पहले जिस विद्यालय से मैंने पास आउट किया, जिन टीचर्स ने मुझे पढाया, आज मैं उसी विद्यालय में अपने उन्ही टीचर् के रिटायरमेंट के दिन भी उपस्थित हूँ, य...Read more

November 18th, 2014

Children’s Day Celebration

Today, 14th Nov 2014 Birthday of our first Prime Minister Mr. Nehru and also the Children's Day is celebrated in our school. Students from every class took part in the celebration and have shown a great artwork to make beautiful paintings on blackboard with the help of Chawlk Colors. Students were excited and happy to celebrate the Birthday of Chacha Nehru. Everyone participated to decorate their class-rooms and got the blessings of their respected Teachers with a full co-operation and support to organise a wonderful event.

October 25th, 2013

Golden Jubilee Celebration

Founded in 1964, Janta Inter College, Palri has now entered into 50th year of its inception. Starting from 25th October 2013 till 27th October 2013, School has celebrated the 50 years of its achievements, success and glory. There were many splendid events which continued for 3 consecutive days in order to commemorate this special occasion. All the ex-students and ex-teachers of JIC along with current staff and thousands of residents from village Palri and many neighboring villages were present. Many of our lecturers and senior citizens shared their experiences about the school and let students be aware of the power of knowledge and how it helped them to achieve success in their life.

Please look at the day-wise details of event in the catalog provided in the photogallery below. More photos coming soon......

Click here to read our Golden Jubilee e-Magazine "Swarnika"

September 28th, 2013

Student’s Health Check-Up Camp

Officials from "Saamudayik Swasthya Kendra" Block Development Office (Binauli) with support and coordination of our teachers and staff organized a health check-up camp today (28th Sep 2013) in the auditorium hall of our school. The health check-up of class 10th, 11th and 12th students were done called as Total Physical Examination through various tests like Height/Weight, BMI(Body Mass Index), physical fitness test etc. Students were given necessary vitamin tablets and were made aware of the importance of health & fitness. Students received vital tips to adopt in their daily life routine to stay healthy.

The Doctors Team is as below:
1- Dr Monaj
2- Dr Alok Ranjan
3- Dr Sanjeev
4- Mo Sahjad (dental hygenist)
5- Anuradha
6- Ranu Sharma

Our teachers Sri Ajab Singh, Sri Premjit Dahiya, Sri Shakti Singh etc were present there to help conducting and coordinating the event in a well-organized way.

August 15th, 2013

Independence Day Celebration

Today, 15th Aug 2013, Our National Independence Day is celebrated in Janta Inter College Palri with a feeling of joy, thankfulness to freedom fighters and patriotism. Program started with Flag Hoisting by our Principal Mr. Pratap Singh and Saraswati Vandana, and then a very meaningful speech on importance of freedom and our duties to our nation is delivered by Vice Principal Mr. Harbir Singh. Students participated in March Past, Cultural Programs, Patriotic Songs. The National Festival celebration is ended with sweet distribution among all present at the venue.

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July 1st, 2013

New Session Begins with Yagya/Havan

Janta Inter College, Palri has started its new session (2013-2014) today. School was opened at time and a Havan/Yagya was arranged and conducted to start the session with blessings of God. A Sr. Faculty and Member of Arya Samaaj, Mr. Samar Singh Ji completed the Yagya, all the teachers, staff of JIC along with some students and ex-students were present on that day.

We wish all the best to all new and current students of JIC for the next session.

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