School History

Janta Inter College, Palri was founded on 8th July 1964. Before 1964 in this Palri village there was only primary school.For higher education our village students was going to other villages school like Daha,Tikri, Doghat etc. Our children was facing many problems because of this. Keep in mind this problem, this village senior people thought that why we could not build and run High School in Palri village. This thought is initiated by the head master of the our primary school Shri Vijay Singh. Then village people assembled in the meeting of Choudhary Lekhram Nambardar and then after discussion they decided to start high school in the village. First time by Choudhary Lekhram Nambardar donated 500 rupees and his house to school in administration scheme. Then for 6 months, classes held in this donated place till School acquired its own land.

In first attempt for collection, 34000 rupees was collected for this school.

First working committee of the school:
Protector : Ch. Lekharam Nambardar
Chairman : Ch. Devi Singh
Vice-President: Ch. Ratiram
Manager: Ch. Hargyan Singh
Vice-manger: Ch. Sher Singh
Cashier: Ch. Kude Singh

Members: Ch. Karam Singh, Shri Banwari lal, Shri Kriparam, Shri Asharam, Shri Bhhokh singh, Shri Baljeet Singh, Shri Samey Singh, Shri Khushiram.

First Principle: Shri Om Prakash Tyagi
First Helping Teachers: Shri Khem Chand Panwar (Ex- Manager), Shri Sardar singh, Shri Anand Swarup
First Helping Employee: Shri Machandar Singh

110 students registered in class 6, 7 and in class 8 at first time in the school. Then school got approval of High School Art In 1966 and High School Science in 1968. The school teachers and students helped physically a lot in development of the school building. Because of the efforts of the school management and the principle, in 1975 school got approval of intermediate art and in 1999 intermediate science. After 1980, the school teachers held the responsibility for the school development and brought 2 BIGHA field and build the two-storey school. In this way the school teachers helped a lot in the school environment and school students. Our school has an important place in terms of the education and discipline.

Note: The Panchayat of Palri residents decided to establish this school with the help of every Palri resident of any religion. As decided, no other village was approached for contribution for the development of this school. That's why this school is established only and only by the hard work and focused efforts of this Palri village residents.