Management Committee

Below is our most recent management committee that is completed its tenure successfully. Elections for the new management committee will be decided as per the General Body Meeting.
वर्तमान में कोई भी चुनी हुई कार्यकारिणी नहीं हैं, शिक्षा विभाग, उ०प्र० द्वारा नियुक्त प्रबंध संचालक श्री रामनिवास जी (प्रधानाचार्य राजकीय हाई स्कूल, अहेरा) एवं हमारे प्राधानाचार्य श्री विनोद कुमार जी सुचारू रूप से संस्था का सन्चालन कर रहे है|
Sh. Ramnivas, Operation Manager

Message From Former Management


I extend my blessings to every student and staff of JIC for being a part of the institution and helping in making it a success. With the Inception of School, I was also associated with JIC as a Teacher and I have seen the school emerging from a small group of 7 teachers and 60 students to a big family of over 45 teachers and 900+ students. By imparting every child with traditional values blended in modern advancements, we have managed to prepare them for facing the society and bring reforms with the power of education. Working for the betterment of the school is a great social. On behalf of our Management Committee - JIC, I want to assure you all that every one of us is committed towards the growth and glory of our school and whatever best is required, steps have been taken time to time. I welcome everyone to please come and join hands together to work with us for the brighter future of our kids.

Sincerely,श्री खेमचंद पंवार, पूर्व प्रबंधक

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” —Nelson Mandela Being one of the witness of the extra-ordinary growth of our school since its foundation, I express my utmost joy to comment that we these days are having one of the finest school of our area. With the help of all our residents, we have managed to improve a lot of facilities and infrastructure for our school that makes us different than other school of vicinity. JIC has opened vast number of opportunities for the children and youth in village Palri which will help them to see a growth in their life, socially and personally. The complexities of life are just like a battle ground where you need the power of education for sailing though the strongest of waves successfully. Our belief in Indian education system and support of extracurricular activities will help our students to achieve success in their life. I extend my warm wishes and blessings to every member of JIC for making it a success and keep advancing with greater heights in the coming years.

Sincerely, श्री शील गंगे, पूर्व अध्यक्ष

Manager’s of Janta Inter College, Palri.


S. N.


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Ch. Hargyan Singh




Ch. Salek Chand




Ch. Bhuru Singh




Ch. Jagdish Prasad




Ch. Sukram Pal Singh




Ch. Khem Chand Panwar




Most Recent Management Team (11/05/2009 to 25/10/2013):


---- TOGETHER WE CAN! ----

Starting From Left-To-Right:

  1. Mr. Prem, Member
  2. Mr. Braham Singh, Member
  3. Mr. Jagdeesh, Member.
  4. Mr. Gopi Chand, Member.
  5. Mr. Sheel Gange, Chairman.
  6. Mr. Khem Chand Panwar, Manager.
  7. Mr. Anand Prakash, Cashier.
  8. Mr. Raghunath Sharma, Member.
  9. Mr. Dilawar Singh, Member.
  10. Mr. Rohtash, Member (Not present in the picture)