Our Faculty

Sh. Kuldeep Kumar, Principal
We encourage each and every staff member at JIC to attend to their duties with full dedication. They are motivated for the fact that the fate of every child in school is dependent on their quality and sincere efforts. All the teaching staff at JIC is dedicated towards imparting all round education which is necessary to succeed in this highly competitive world.Our self driven faculty ensures to provide quality education with innovative methods and they ensure that every young gun strikes a balance between work and play which in turn will affect their overall development. The teachers and managing staff work in co-ordination to make every possible effort which will make the experience worthwhile for students. We have got one of the finest and mindful faculty members for our school. We have a mix of young, fresh and latest talent recently employed on various levels for various subjects along with the most experienced teachers who are employed with the school for many years.

Senior Faculty & Mentors:-

Dr. Premjeet Singh Dahiya
Shakti Singh
Kumari Shameem
Shubham Singh
Rajesh Kumar
Sangeeta Rani
Manoj Kumar

Lecturer Faculty

S.No Name Designation Education Subject
8 Sh. Kuldeep Kumar Principal MA(English), B.Ed English
2 Dr. Premjit Singh Dahiya Lecturer PhD. & MA (Civics), B.Ed Civics
4 Kumari Shameem Lecturer MA(Sociology), B.Ed Sociology
9 Shri Shubham Singh Lecturer MA(Geography) Geography
5 Shri Rajesh Kr. Tiwari Lecturer MA(Hindi). B.Ed Hindi
3 Shri Sakti Singh Lecturer (अंशकालिक) M.sc (Maths), B.Ed Maths
6 Shri Manoj Kumar Lecturer (अंशकालिक) M.Sc(Chemistry) Chemistry
7 Smt. Sangeeta Rani Lecturer (अंशकालिक) MA(Hindi), B.Ed Hindi

Assistant Teachers Faculty

S.No Name Designation Education Subject
1 Shri Mukul Ji Nirmal Asst. Teacher B.A, B.Ed Hindi
2 Shri Anil Kumar Asst. Teacher BFA, MFA Arts
3 Shri Rajesh Kumar Asst. Teacher B.A, M.A, B.Ed Social Science
4 Shri Surya Mani Yadav Asst. Teacher B.A, M.A, B.Ed Hindi
5 Shri Harvendra Singh Rathore Asst. Teacher B.A, B.Ed English
6 Shri Pratap Singh Asst. Teacher B.A, B.PEd Physical Education
 7 Shri Hari Shyam Asst. Teacher B.A, B.Ed, M.A Hindi
7 Smt. Priya Asst. Teacher B.A, B.Ed, M.A Home Science
7 Smt Meenakshi Asst. Teacher B.A, B.Ed Social Science
7 Smt. Chanchal Rani Asst. Teacher B.A, B.Ed, M.A Sanskrit

Clerical, Office Admin & Support

S.No Name Designation Support Staff:-
1 Shri Lokesh Kumar Head Clerk Shri Jitendra Kumar
2 Shri Anuj Kumar Asst. Clerk Shri Amit Kumar
3 Shri Rajeev Kumar Asst. Clerk Shri Pramod Kumar
4 Shri Bablu Kumar Asst. Clerk Smt. Neelam
Shri Gaurav Rana
Special Thanks to our Ex-Faculty Members for their valuable contributions: Some of our most experienced faculty members who have been retired now after a memorable service period are our all time assets some of them are featured in the picture below. clip_image001   Reading left-to-right in the sitting front row: Mr. Ajab Singh (Retired), Mr. Krishana Pal Sharma (Retired), Mr. Harbir Singh Panwar (Retired), Mr. Mahipal Singh (Retired), Late. Mr. Pratap Singh (Retired), Mr. Ratan Lal Yadav (Retired), Mr. Samar Singh (Retired) and Mr. Omprakash(Retired) - sitting behind Samar Singh Ji.