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July 12th, 2017

9.  Fund for Principal Office

Sh. Vinod Kumar (Palri) have contributed fund for the development of new Principal Office and he himself laid its foundation stone on the occasion of JIC Golden Jubilee event in OCT-2013.

June 19th, 2017

10.  Rs. 31,000 Donation

On the occasion of Golden Jubilee of JIC in OCT-2013, Partners of Brain Technosys (Shripal Singh & Harshit Agarwal) have donated Rs. 31,000 (thirty one thousand) to the school fund.

March 19th, 2013

11.  Printing of College Calendar

One of the ex-student of JIC Palri, natively resident of Village Palri, Mr. Satish Arya s/o Late. Shri Jailal has contributed by printing and providing us College Calendars to help JIC sending invitation of its Golden Jubilee Event (25th October) to thousands of students, parents, teachers and many of our other associates.

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February 20th, 2013

12.  Miscellaneous Contributions

- Mr. Vipin Tondak of village Palri has contributed to volunteer the printing of 700 Letter-Heads for School from his Printing Press. Akhil Kumar & Virendra Kumar from Alumni Team have worked hard to make the letter head designs final, follow-up and support in printing and delivery of Letter-Heads.

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January 19th, 2009

13.  Contributing a DG Set

One of the Ex-Student of JIC named Mr. Rakesh Kr. Upadhayay S/O Mr. Sriram Upadhayay, natively resident of Village Nangla Kanvada (Baghpat) has contributed financially to provide D.G Set(Generator) worth approx. 1 Lac to school helping the school carry out its electricity dependent operations flawlessly.

Jic management, staff and students are thankful to your kind act.

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January 1st, 2002 January 1st, 1964 January 1st, 1964

16.  Space Donnation for School

Shri Ratiram ji, Senior and Respected resident of Village Palri has donated 3 bissa field for providing space to school to start its operations.

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