December 25th, 2017

Alumni Volunteer Team

Ex-Students of JIC formed a team calling it a Alumni Volunteer Team with a pledge to use their available time, resources and in the capacity of a team to work for the betterment and improvement of college for the welfare of our young kids and students.

Everyone appreciated and many others of like-minded ex-students join hands together and the team now has grown enough and started carrying out many implementations to make the difference like…

  1. Successfully created good Internet presence for our JIC (Logo, FB, Website, Letter-heads).
  2. Implementation of Computer, Printer, Photo-copier, Letter-heads & Internet for the clerical jobs in school.
  3. Started working for Library renovation and set up of a second-library for G.K, Computers, Current Affairs and Environmental Knowledge enhancements to students.

Some of the Future Plans are

– Organize G.K/Science/Math quiz and some extra-curricular activities time to time.

– Help School for fundraising & provide support in hosting any major event.

– Promote sports activities, formation of In-Door games room.

– Help & Support to start Annual Function & Sports Day for School.

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